The Art & Science
of Macaroons

We've harnessed art and science to create some of the most modern, premium macaroons on the market today. Our secret recipe and methodology is scientific in its approach and our Pantone matching service devised from a system routinely used in artistic industries. The luxury element is delivered via our quality ingredients and Michelin starred experience and machinery.

Our ingredients are precision measured and heated to an exact temperature for the perfect sugar syrup and our almonds ground using state of the art machinery, usually found in Michelin starred restaurants. We then add the almond meal to perfectly whipped egg whites and the sugar syrup - with just the right amount of moisture in the mix to bond the egg proteins together - to ensure the finished product’s outer shell has that characteristic fine crunch you expect from a the perfect premium macaroon.

We eat with our eyes first and our macaroons look every bit as delicious as they taste. We have created a unique Pantone matching process that, by utilising a complex algorithm, perfectly matches colour swatches via the RGB and CYMK values. The intricate process takes into consideration ‘colour fading’ that occurs during the cooking process, ensuring your macaroons match your wedding, party or corporate colour scheme to perfection.

A Word From
the Founder

I created Miss Macaroon because I wanted to create a social enterprise business that combined my passion for premium quality food - born from my training as a high-end pastry chef at University College Birmingham -and my work in Michelin starred restaurant Purnell’s in Birmingham. But I also wanted to provide opportunities for young people seeking a career and to build confidence in themselves. My ultimate aim was to help youngsters break into a highly competitive industry while providing moments of sublime indulgence for my customers, who through buying our macaroons, are helping many young people to achieve their lifetime goals.

Through our supportive and collaborative approach to all the young people on Miss Macaroon’s courses, young people - often care leavers experiencing difficulties - benefit from pastry chef training, work experience, confidence building and on-going mentoring. This in turn provides genuine career opportunities and increased self-belief via the stetting and achieving of small goals,ensuring these young people can build a future for themselves.

My personal reward is that, as well as seeing young people flourish in what is a highly competitive industry and work confidently and diligently in the pressurised environment of a professional kitchen, I know my customers are also investing in these young people with the purchase of our products, and so are being rewarded on every level from their choice of macaroon.

I would like to thank our pro-bono sponsors who have helped countless young people achieve their goals and begin their careers as chefs and pastry chefs.

Rosie Ginday
– Miss Macaroon Founder

A Word From
the Founder


June 2012 – Winner of Business in the Community Collaboration Award for work with Business Mentors from PwC, DCPR Ltd, Shoosmiths and KPMG and its subsequent impact on marginalised young people.
2015 – Shortlisted for Best Consumer Facing Social Enterprise Award 2015 at The Social Enterprise UK Awards. Finalists with the Co-operative Group.

2015 – Winner of the Big Venture Challenge Award 2015 an award for ambitious scalable social ventures that is run by UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.

Our Sponsors

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