International Orders

You can now order Macaroons from around the world for UK delivery.

We are now accepting orders from the following additional countries:

During Checkout you can enter your billing address but you will need to specify a UK recipient address.

NB: Our site transacts in GBP - if you click on your country you can view a live currency conversion (opens in a new window).

Why can't we ship outside of the UK?

Our macaroons are fragile little beings, although they change the world by enabling young people who haven't been given the opportunities they deserve to get into work, if you drop them they will break.

We have worked really hard to find a UK courier partner who cares about each delivery as much as we care about making every macaroon beautiful. For this reason due to amount of extra handling required for international deliveries we only deliver to the UK for orders under 300 macaroons.

We use a specialist international courier for orders over 300 macaroons to selected countries. To find out more about our large order international deliveries please email