Social Enterprise

At Miss Macaroon we hold the aims and objectives of a true social enterprise business close to our hearts.

A social enterprise is a business that trades for a social and/or environmental purpose. It will have a clear sense of its 'social mission', which means it will know what difference it is trying to make, who it aims to help, and how it plans to do it. It will bring in most or all of its income through selling goods or services with clear rules about what it does with its profits, reinvesting these to further its 'social mission'.

Social enterprises come in many shapes and sizes from large national and international businesses to small community based enterprises, but they are all:

  • Businesses that aim to generate their income by selling goods and services, rather than through grants and donations
  • Set up specifically to make a difference
  • Reinvests its profits in its social mission

Our Mission is Clear - We aim to become the UK’s social enterprise "treat destination" and brand of choice, offering sublime moments of indulgent, delicious pleasure whilst helping others. By fusing the art and science of macaroon making with our uniquely ethical feel-good factor, we inspire our customers to return time after time, whatever the occasion, and offer rewards on every level.

Macaroons That Make a Difference

Macaroons That Make a Difference is our four week pastry training course for 18 - 25 year old, long term, unemployed people in the Midlands. Trainees work in the kitchens in full chef whites, creating butter creams from recipes and working on piping skills. By the end of the programme trainees will further benefit from three months one-to-one mentoring to achieve greater independence and career opportunities that include a five year plan, changing perspectives from immediate to long term, thinking about and planning their futures, raising their aspirations and working on setting small achievable goals.

Kindly funded by all Miss Macaroon customers, part funded by Barrow Cadbury Trust