Here at Miss Macaroon we feel passionate about staying in the EU and not just because our macaroons are a perfect hybrid of the EU ; a british made french macaroon with an italian meringue base. We support the EU because they have helped us a lot through funding : ESF funding for charities and social enterprises to pilot a training programme in 2013. ERDF match funding for small business to safeguard and increase employment to pay for equipment in kitchen to grow business.

Needless to say without the EU WE wouldn’t be here . No jobs for our employees, 8 of us in total which in turn supports a new graduate aiming to train for her dream business, a mum who supports her kids, our pastry chef who is looking for a home.

Then there is the second layer of our model the social mission. We don’t ask for handouts or donations we work hard to create profit to help marginalised get back on their feet, trained and in jobs. And we hope in turn those that go through our system will help others.

Just as the ripples of the EU have helped us the ripples of coming out ,we believe, can harm us . We are giving our employees the afternoon off to go and vote and vote with their conscience.  

You vote too on the 23rd June  and then order macaroons for a job well done and to help us to help others.