At Miss Macaroon, we can craft macaroons to complement your cake. A macaroon tower can serve as a beautiful gluten-free choice to complement the main attraction, or even as a replacement for the cake itself. Whatever you desire, we can cater for it with our bespoke service!


  • Traditional style, tiered wedding cakes

Last week, we talked about the classic wedding coming back in style. It’s therefore no surprise that the traditional tiered wedding cake is also becoming more and more popular!


The number of tiers will depend on how many guests you have, this guide from Sarah’s Stands (link: is a useful guide to decide how big your cake should be.


If you think your cake looks too small, cake stands are one great way of adding extra height. Also, why not mix and match layers of cake with a layer of macaroons for a really stunning display? We have some stunning examples of layered macaroon cake towers to serve as an inspiration, and our team can guide you through the creative process to pick the best macaroon colours and flowers to match your theme.

IMG_1016 edit.jpg

  • Unique, quirky flavour varieties


Gone are the days of the traditional Victoria sponge and fruitcakes - this year it’s all about experimenting with new and exciting flavours! Some of the biggest favourites for 2017 include salted caramel, coconut and lime, red velvet and hazelnut... We’ve also heard of more exotic flavour combinations such as chai tea and honey, bourbon caramel pecan and even chilli chocolate! If you do decide to go for an unorthodox flavour, you can be sure that we can create the macaroon to match it. We already have a handful of avant-garde flavoured macaroons alongside our classic collection - such as salted caramel, matcha and rhubarb and custard.

  • Whimsical style cake designs


Not only are wedding cake flavours getting more and more quirky, so are the designs! This trend is really all about mixing shapes and sizes and not everything being completely neat and uniform. You might see cupcakes being matched with sheet cakes, flowers and fruits piled on top of each other, or even other biscuits used as decoration. We’ve seen some beautiful examples of macaroons being used as a cake topper, and the fact that we can Pantone-colour match our macaroons means that they would be the perfect shade for any cake.

For a truly unforgettable and bespoke service, get into contact with one of our team to discuss your options or book in a consultation with macaroon sampling, if you’re in the Birmingham area. We are reachable by email at and telephone at 0121 359 0700.