Miss macaroon are looking for new retail outlets so you macaroonistas can get your macaroon fix near you soon. The first step on this long journey is the Completely Retail event held in London. We were invited to pitch at their Soapbox stand. The Soapbox provides new, emerging and expanding brands the opportunity to take to the stage for three minutes to present their brand and shout about their upcoming property requirements. With an audience of agents, landlords and major retail destinations it is the ideal opportunity for companies to showcase their expansion plans in front of a relevant audience.

You may have read our previous posts of how Rosie shaped up to deliver a 3 minute pitch as to why a landlords would want Miss Macaroon as a tenant (as if it wasn’t completely obvious by tasting our macaroons). The attendance was great; about 30 landlords in all. Rosie delivered her pitch and  received a round of applause resulting in being approached by Network Rail and Transport for London. Events like Soapbox are important for social enterprises like Miss Macaroon, giving us an opportunity to approach large organisations we would otherwise find it difficult to get in front of. The help we received from our supporters means that when we do get these moments we are as professional as we can be and get the results we require.  

 We will change the world one macaroon, and hopefully, one retail space at a time.

You can support Miss Macaroon and our social aims of providing training and employment for marginalised young people by buying our macaroons here.