Rosie Ginday Social Entrepreneur at Miss Macaroon Great Western Arcade Birmingham store


As the managing director of Miss Macaroon, Rosie combines together her skills in the kitchen, her management prowess and her passion for helping young people. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and her artistry shows through every part of the business: through her gorgeously decorated macaroons, and through her colourful avant-garde shop decor.

Q - “What do you do at Miss Macaroon? How long have you been here?”
A - “I’m the managing director, and I’ve been here since the company’s birth in 2011”

Q - “What’s a typical day like for you?”
A - “A typical day involves a bit of everything really, and depends on what’s going on. Sometimes I’ll be in the kitchen helping with production, other days I’ll be in the shop talking to our customers and making sure everything is going smoothly there. Otherwise, I’m just trying to build the business up, having meetings with potential clients or recruiting new people to help support Miss Macaroon.”

Q - “What’s your favourite macaroon flavour?”
A - “Salted peanut.”

Q - What’s an interesting fact about you
A - “I bought my first bike six months ago! It’s got a basket, and I ride it a few times a week. I haven’t named it yet.”

Q - “Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?”
A - “I’d like to be still working in social enterprise, but hopefully I’ll have passed on Miss Macaroon to the next generation. I’d probably still have some involvement with Miss Macaroon, and hopefully it would have grown a lot by then. Possibly I’d be managing a new business, or advising other social entrepreneurs.”

Rosie appears regularly at business events and loves to talk about her journey setting up the business and working in social enterprise. She also does chef demonstrations, press interviews and radio show appearances. To get in touch and learn more about what Rosie does, she can be reached at