Ocia describes herself as funny, quirky and crazy - she loves to sing and dance, which is how she entertains herself during quiet moments in the shop. However, Ocia believes that her defining quality is her openness and honesty. “I just state what I see”, she says. And most of Miss Macaroon’s customers love this trait of hers. Her sincere, down-to-earth character and cheeky smile brings customers back to the Great Western Arcade time and time again.

Ocia, who often goes by OC, will be turning 25 next month and is currently looking forward to her holiday going to French Guiana to visit her family. In her spare time and on her days off, she likes to go out with her friends and generally enjoy life as normal young people do.

Q - “What do you do at Miss Macaroon? How long have you been here?”

A - “I’m currently a retail assistant at Miss Macaroon. I also completed the training programme as a “trainee” a few years ago. I’ve been working here full time since the shop has been open in the Great Western Arcade, so about nine months now.”

Q - “What’s a typical day like for you?”

A - “I come in the morning, get the A-board out, cash up, and then just open the shop for business. There’s always a lot of paperwork to be done too. Once the shop’s open, we just sell, sell and sell some more! I also go out to do a bit of sampling everyday, trying to attract new customers into the shop.”

Q - “What’s your favourite macaroon flavour?”

A - “Salted peanut is my favourite, because I love all things peanut!”

Q - “What’s an interesting fact about you?”

A - “I did Judo when I was younger, from when I was around 15. I was actually a brown belt going onto a black belt, but I dropped out when I arrived in England. My mom wants me to continue to do it here, but I was definitely more motivated to do it back home. It was a really good anger release, and it stopped you from fighting on the road because you’d get banned from competing if you were caught doing that.”

Q - “Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?”

A - “I will definitely have my own business - no two businesses! I want to open my own burger restaurant called “New Amsterdam”, named after a town where my Auntie lives in Guyana. All the ingredients would be fresh with no preservatives. I’d also have a house, be driving and be building my family, living happily. I can see myself staying in Birmingham, I like the fact that it’s quite calm and slow despite being the second biggest city, but I would move for love!”

If you want to come to our shop and see why our customers love Ocia so much, we’re located in the Great Western Arcade, just off Colmore Row and opposite Snow Hill Station. Come in and say hello!