Francesca joined Miss Macaroon for a ten week internship funded by the Santander Universities Internship scheme, and is nearly at the end of her short time with the company. She describes herself as calm, curious and flexible, and often works from the Great Western Arcade store to listen to Miss Macaroon’s customers’ stories. “I’ve really valued the experience I’ve gained working in a small, close team and especially getting to know the ins and outs of social enterprise,” she muses. “I enjoy the small things in life, and see everything as an experience.”


Fran loves to travel, and is pondering on where her next destination will be. “I want to see everything, but the next three destinations on the list are South Korea, Brazil and Finland...”


Q - “What do you do at Miss Macaroon? How long have you been here?”

A - “I’m Miss Macaroon’s marketing assistant, and I’ve been here since I finished my final year exams at Aston University in May. I’ll be here until the end of July.”

Q - “What’s a typical day like for you?”

A - “I’ve done quite a variety of different things since I’ve been with Miss Macaroon. I’ve been working on writing blog posts, following up sales leads and organising events in the store. I like going to networking events and talking to people who are interested in Miss Macaroon and generally just spreading the word about what we do. Being a small company, I also get a chance to get my hands dirty in the shop and the kitchen, helping out behind the counter serving customers and helping to prepare for large orders. There really isn’t a typical day for me here at Miss Macaroon.”

Q - “What’s your favourite macaroon flavour?”

A - “53% dark chocolate, because chocolate is my weakness.”

Q - “What’s an interesting fact about you?”

A - “I really enjoy sewing, and I recently made a hand-embroidered patch of one of Kanye West’s album covers. It took nearly 6 months to finish…”

Q - “Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?”

A - “I’ll be living in an apartment with a great view, a tropical fish tank and maybe a kid. Hopefully I’ll be running my own business too, and I’ll probably have stopped bleaching my hair blonde.”


If you’d like to get in touch with Francesca about any events you’d like to host in store, if you’d like Miss Macaroon to appear at an event you’re hosting or if you have any ideas for collaborating with us, send us an email at