One of the most obvious and simplest ways to do this is with paper. Many companies now go paperless, using the developments of technology to allow them to print as little as possible, saving both the impact on the planet but also money on ink. The company could invest in tablets for each person to use in meetings to demonstrate articles or read documents where paper was otherwise used. This should be implemented throughout the office and spread out to departments across the country. If the CSR policy puts a lot of importance on the environment, then suggest that this is adapted across the whole company if it isn’t already happening.

When it comes to Christmas time, or other important moments in the calendar for your company, corporate gifts are often given out to employees. Use your larger corporate budget to make a difference and buy ethical. This could mean buying environmentally friendly gifts, such as items made from recycled materials or renewable items with an environmental theme or even buying from a social enterprise and benefitting society and the community.

Events will also crop up and are a great time to show that you care for the planet. Instead of buying from your usual suppliers, find companies that offer products or services that ether minimize impact on the planet or benefit the local community in some way. This could be from local, organic food producers or even purchasing from a social enterprise. Promotional gifts bought from Miss Macaroon fulfill this requirement as we reinvest all of our profits in providing training and employment opportunities for marginalised young people.