Whilst participating in the kitchen programme, our trainees experience training in real pastry chef skills, getting used to life in a professional kitchen. Alongside general work skills, our trainees will gain practical cooking skills, experience with industry leaders and the opportunity to pass their Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate.


Here are some of the activities that the trainees will get to work on in our upcoming August course:

Marriott Hotel introduction


Our trainees will get to go on a behind the scenes tour of one of Birmingham’s most prestigious hotels, where their Executive Chef and team will deliver a talk about what it’s like working at the Marriott. At the end of the course, we’ll also be going back to them for a “Welcome to Work Day” which will provide interview practice and guidance for applying to the Marriott’s apprenticeship schemes. This allows our trainees to get input from industry leaders as well as introducing them to their network.


HK Vision Works Skills Training


Habbakuk Recruitment has just launched their first working skills bootcamp which provides training to disadvantaged people from Birmingham. A representative will be visiting and offering a workshop to our trainees, so they can gain transferable skills.

Italian meringue making


Being able to make an italian meringue is a valuable skill within Miss Macaroon and the pastry world, and requires a lot of precision to get it to the perfect consistency. As Italian meringue is the base of our macaroon shell, the trainees who succeed at this activity will find it easier to get work experience with us after the course finishes. Even if the trainee decides not to pursue a career in the catering industry, this skill teaches attention to detail, patience and resilience.


Interview bootcamp


We will be doing interview roleplays to improve our trainees confidence in a simulated job interview setting. Many of our trainees have never been to a real job interview before, so to have this preparation is invaluable for when they continue to find further experience. We can then assess where their interview strengths and weaknesses are, and continue to work on these.

For further information about our MacsMAD course, or if you’re an organisation interested in working with us to achieve our social mission, please contact Helen at programmeleader@missmacaroon.co.uk or at 07539 842381.