James Martin Visits Miss Macaroon!

On Monday 25th February, we were featured on James Martin’s Great British Adventure! He came to Birmingham and visited us for a macaroon piping race and used our macaroons to make his delicious Raspberry Mousse cake.

Rosie shared her journey from being a member of staff at Purnells, training to be a pastry chef and getting her experience from Michelin star restaurants to setting up the social enterprise, Miss Macaroon! She also explained the process of making macaroons and how Miss Macaroon is the only patisserie that Pantone matches our macaroons to brand colours. Then, James Martin challenged Rosie to a macaroon piping race and won since Rosie ran out of mixture.

James Martin then used our macaroons as a “little garnish” to go with his Raspberry Mousse cake which added sweetness to it. It was “a truly sumptuous pudding topped off with Rosie's macaroons.” James Martin

Make your own using our macaroons: https://missmacaroon.co.uk/buy-macaroons/gift-boxes/choose-your-own/24-macaroons-box.html

Watch the episode here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WkG5Y95ugIQ