Miss Macaroon's Gift Box of six macarons perfect for events

Here at Miss Macaroon, our mission is to help marginalised young people by giving them employability skills and confidence through work experience and training and help them get into the labour market with success. By making and selling macaroons we are able to reinvest our profits into running our ‘Macaroons that make a difference’ programmes where pastry production, health and safety and hygiene in the kitchen is taught alongside personal and social development sessions.

An ethical company is one which doesn’t necessarily reinvest its profits but does aim to cause minimum impact on people and planet through its trading activities, whether that be through using renewable materials and energy or by ensuring fair labour standards and supporting charitable causes. The Body Shop is one the most famous ethical companies as it supports environmental and human causes with its profits and its exposure. Your company might be a social enterprise without knowing, read our post here to find out. You don’t however need to be a social enterprise to make a difference.

Any company that buys products or services can choose to support a social enterprise either by using a social enterprise as a supplier or with funding and support. Social enterprises can offer products and services at a competitive rate to regular businesses, from groundwork to food or gifts for events. Making this switch would not only be good for the social enterprise, but also for you as you achieve points on your CSR plan, whilst motivating employees with your positive impact on the community or environment. Social enterprises can often provide a more personal service or bespoke product as is the case with Miss Macaroon.