The art of corporate gift-giving has been an endeavour which entrepreneurs have struggled to master since the dawn of business enterprise. Why oh why do companies clutter our desks with pens, paperweights and heinous knick-knacks?


Fear not, business owners, there is a gifting solution, and it need not sit unloved, cluttering the desks of your clients!


Recently we were asked to provide 100 UK-wide retailers with a special something to celebrate the launch of none other than the Google Mini. Of course, we jumped at the chance! With the help of our nifty Pantone matching technology, we transformed Google Mini into Google Min-eat with a branded and bespoke selection of macaroons for every store. This is just one example of the numerous occasions we’ve saved citizens across the UK from bearing the brunt of bad-corporate gift-giving.


OK, Google They may not tell you the weather or tune your TV into Netflix, but these little delights are 100% delicious!


So if you’re looking for something to wow your customer, our gluten-free macarons are absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces. Lead by example and start gifting the right way, the Miss Macaroon way!