As we near the end of “summer” and approach the Bank Holiday weekend, come down to the Great Western Arcade this Friday or Saturday to taste some of our delicious ice cream macaroons before they’re gone for the year! 


The British people have always been known for holding bank holidays dear. Here are three things you may not know about bank holidays:

  1. Before 1834, the British used to have a total of 33 days off as Saints Days and religious holidays, before the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 was introduced and cut these down to just four official public holidays. Now, we’re lucky enough to enjoy eight bank holidays.

  1. The upcoming bank holiday which falls this year on Monday 28th August didn’t exist until 1965 - which makes it younger than a fair proportion of the British population!

  1. According to The Telegraph, we are ranked with having the second least number of public holidays, The Netherlands and Hungary also having eight days off, and only just beating Mexico who only gets seven days. India and Colombia top the ranks with 18 days off in the year.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, we at Miss Macaroon wish you a great summer bank holiday! We’ll be open on Friday 25th and 26th as normal but closed on Sunday 27th and Bank Holiday Monday 28th. If you decide not to take a last minute break away, make sure to come to our store in the Great Western Arcade to enjoy a glass of prosecco and finish the last of our ice-cream macaroons on Friday or Saturday. Call instore at 0121 238 3660 to book a table, or just walk in.