Raise a glass beer-lovers! Thanks to our incredible partners in social enterprise Two Fingers Brewing, Aurelio beer is now being served at our Great Western Arcade store. Every sip of their tantalising brew, which combines the refreshment of a lager with the fine flavours of ale, will support the fantastic efforts of Prostate Cancer UK.


Craft-brewed using only the finest ingredients and with all profits being donated to Prostate Cancer UK, the zesty and refreshing Aurelio beer will not only compliment your macaroons from Miss Macaroon brilliantly but also support a truly worthy cause.   

“We had all been affected by prostate cancer in one way or another - through colleagues, family or friends who have had or are suffering from the disease,” co-founder of Two Fingers Brewing, Will Waldron

Two Fingers Brewing supports Prostate Cancer UK, the leading UK charity for men with prostate cancer and prostate problems, by raising awareness and using all profits to help fight the cause.

Join Miss Macaroon in supporting Two Fingers Brewing's mission: fighting against the most common cancer in men. It's predicted that by 2030 prostate cancer will be the most widespread form of cancer overall: 1 in 8 men in the UK will develop it, rising to 1 in 4 black men. Prostate cancer kills a man every hour, that's 10,000 men a year.


Doesn't drinking beer raise the risk of prostate cancer?

Good news: there is no clear evidence that drinking increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. As always though, we recommend you to enjoy a drink in moderation: excessive drinking is definitely bad for your health.

What does Aurelio mean?

Aurelio means golden in Latin and was a traditional man's name in Ancient Rome! Two Fingers Brewing carefully pair their products with names that embody their unique character.

Is the beer suitable for vegans?

Yes indeed! Two Fingers Brewing don’t filter their beers with fish scales, unlike many of their competitors!

Now I'm confused! Beer or my trusty prosecco?

Regular patrons of Miss Macaroon will know, prosecco has long reigned supreme as the most popular accompaniment to our macaroons. Beer is an amazing alternative and Aurelio especially with its light flavour. We invite you to try it!

Miss Macaroon is located at 8 Great Western Arcade, Birmingham and open 11am-7pm Monday-Friday, and 11am-8pm Saturday.