Wedding Favour Options

Wedding favours probably go on the tail-end of your to do list when planning your wedding but your guest do deserve some thought. The traditional and easy out are sugared almonds or chocolates which, if you are lucky, may be eaten but more than likely end up in the bin. In recent times there have been creative alternatives such as personalised glasses, coasters photo-frames all very pretty but from a guests point of view: it is destined to hang around in their kitchen irritating them and then eventually thrown into the bin when they have a  clear out.

The High-end and Budget Favours

How about showing your guest that you actually mean it when you say thank you, ‘thank you that you have taken out time to attend our wedding’ and make it special by giving them macaroons. No matter what your budget we can personalise, decorate and even pantone match to your colour themes. You can go opulent with towers and hand decorated macaroons. If you are on a budget how about D.I.Y -ing your packaging and order stock colours in a tray. Hobbycraft and The works have some great multipack boxes and bags which are pretty. You can leave them plain or can customise them to fit in with your table decorations so they provide a dual function. For the wedding that must have it all why not get our Mehndi decorated  macaroons, these macaroons are visually stunning and taste divine.

Miss macaroons wedding favours are not just pretty to look at though the flavours and delicious and we challenge you to find a taster macaroon. Take a look at our seasonal flavours or order from our classic collection.