Personalised or branded corporate gifts can be a great way to thank existing customers, entice new ones and even be used as a straightforward marketing tool. What impact can gift  giving have? Recipients are twice as likely to contact companies giving gifts than those that do not, it even outranks loyalty programmes.  As a marketing strategy it can be very effective, for example; Radley recently used our macaroons for an instore launch and the logoed macaroons had a positive impact on sales with Radley rolling it out to all their stores and kiosks.   


Finding the perfect corporate gift can be a minefield so here are some tips to help:


Corporate gifting tips


  • Brand your gift. However, keep it tasteful small logos or colour schemes can show brand alignment.

  • Always make sure the gift is the best quality you can afford. You don’t want your brand to be associated with cheap, poor quality.

  • Try and give ethical gifts as this can highlight your corporate values. 

  • Don’t make gifts too expensive, as some trades can frown upon and even bar gifts all together.

  • Respect Cultural differences.

  • Items which can be shared are ideal such as food or daily use items. It spreads the corporate love.

So what to chose ?

Be careful with stationary as it can create clutter and businesses usually would like their own brand on their stationary. Alcohol is now frowned upon and can be a no no culturally. Event vouchers and experiences can lose the message of ‘Hey, remember us we were great to work with’. Macaroons however tick all of th
e right boxes. They are luxurious without being overindulgent. You can buy the highest quality without breaking the bank. They can be shared, enjoyed and , if you chose ours, can be ethical.  Take a look at our range of flavours and colours, we can even add your logo. You can create gifts at different levels with singular boxes for key clients and suppliers, trays to be handed around an office or bagged  macaroons to be distributed for events and promotions.
Happy gifting.