Seforis is a project setup by the European Union to study social enterprises. The Seforis project is a multi-disciplinary, multi-method international research project on social enterprise funded by the European Commission. Through the generation of robust evidence and a focus on internationally leading research, Seforis aims to better understand the role that social enterprises play in the EU and beyond in the development of and evolution towards inclusive and innovative societies.

We believe that social enterprises can make a difference not just directly but indirectly too. Our kitchen is encouraged to reduce waste and the way we choose to frame it is for every £50 saved it pays for a trainees uniform but the implication goes further :we save resources and reduce our carbon footprint in the process. It makes a huge change to your motivation rather than just saving the company money or an intangible goal as the saving the planet they can feel directly responsible of helping to change someone's life for good. Social enterprises can change the world we live in and we look forward to proving this to Seforis.  

Rosie our MD supports and advises social enterprises and you can book her to speak at your event. Or you can help us meet our goal by buying some of our macaroons and the profits will help our staff to help change someone's life.