A week in the life of a Sales Administrator


9.00am: Present the weekly sales news at weekly team meeting with shop, kitchen and office.  Discuss which larger orders are going out and any upcoming sales projects you’re working on. If there are any sales based problems you’ve faced this week, let the team know so that you can work together on solutions.

11.00am: Answer email enquiries that have come in over the weekend with quotes on prices and suggestions of which options would be best for their budget and event. As you go along, write down the names and numbers of everyone that you’ve emailed so you can call them back the following day.


9.00am: Call any corporate contacts who have made enquiries but haven’t got back to you on whether they’ll be going ahead.

10.00am: Focus on an area of corporate sales that you’ve decided to target and improve. This may involve calling companies to get contacts, looking into packaging and product development or testing out new sale and price policies.

3.00pm: Work on a newsletter to be sent out to corporate clients using Autopilot.  Autopilot is our communication software used to create and send newsletters.  To do this, you organise a five minute photoshoot with the kitchen team and promote  recent corporate orders that have been made.


9.00am: Photocopy and scan some documents that have come through for the shop premises. Put the hard copies in the office files and the Operations Manual, and add the scans to the cloud folder.

11.00am: Call new potential wholesale clients and explain our small business discounted contracts to generate sales. You may need to do some research beforehand, or arrange meetings and pitches so they can try the macaroons.



9.00am: Arrange a meeting for Rosie (Director) by checking through her calendar and finding times that work for both parties. Create an event on Google Calendar and invite Rosie so she can confirm.

11.00am: Call back wedding enquiries to see if they’re interested in making an order and try to negotiate as many potential sales as possible.

2.00pm: Do some research on wedding trends using blogs and magazines and create marketing content based around your findings: this could be an Instagram post, a blog post, a new moodboard on Pinterest. Add any new images or inspiration to the Miss Macaroon wedding inspiration book.


9.00am: Collect the invoices and receipts from the shop, the kitchen and any of the office staff and upload them to Receipt Bank using the mobile app. Check through your inbox to make sure any invoices that have come through on there have been emailed to your Receipt Bank account.

11.00am: Marketing meeting with the Operations Manager. Brainstorm ideas for upcoming holidays or events and report back on the customer engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat that week.

2.00pm: Head over to the shop to spend an hour or two taking photos for social media of customers, products and staff, getting customer feedback and driving social media engagement via our social media outlets.