So five and a half years later I am entering a Dragons Den once more. I am pitching to four of the biggest hitters in Birmingham: Dee a dynamic, talented lawyer who made partner in a national law firm by 32; Paul Brown Executive Director at EY one of the big five accountancy firms; Russ Cockburn owns and runs one of the most successful PR firms in Birmingham; and Charles Smith fantastic property agent and main stay of the Birmingham property scene. 

Despite stepping out in front of the dragons, I felt incredibly supported and not just because I told them I loved them in my pitch to prospective Landlords. It is a strange thing to say in a speech, but it communicates some of the reasons people buy our beautiful hand made gluten free French macaroons. 

The four of the Dragons have previously given Miss Macaroon incredible support, Russ even before Miss Macaroon was set up as a business. That’s not to say that they gave me an easy time over it. At the end of the pitch their feedback left no word unturned, even the pauses in speech were questioned and dealt with. Their challenges were great, they pushed me, resulting in a focused and audience led pitch. They encouraged me to be less timid in my message, be bolshie, Paul said ‘Be arrogant, don’t worry about it, you have a fantastic product’. My confidence has grown even more, these generous dragons call a spade a spade and they call me inspiring, my story captivating and my product one of ‘the best macaroons they have tasted.’ 

I’m always amazed and humbled by the amount of time extremely talented and busy people take out of their packed schedules to help my social enterprise and other worthy causes across the region.

Many thanks to this set  of Dragon’s. I need to impress another set before I’m let loose on the Completely Retail Marketplace Soapbox in London.