9.00am: Meeting with the kitchen team to discuss the week’s production, the trainees who will be attending the course and work experience this week and how this will affect the work schedule. Spend the morning making macaroons to support the kitchen.

1.00pm: Host a visit from probation workers, pitch our Macaroons that Make A Difference course and have a macaroon tasting to increase referrals to the course


9.00am Attend an employability event at HMP Birmingham. You talk to prisoners who are moving towards the end of their sentence and would like to find work. You get to know them and talk about some of the graduates of the programme, their places at college and in work.

1.00pm Run the MacsMAD course in the kitchen for the two trainees currently on the programme focussing on Pastry production skills and interview bootcamp. You use these exercises to build understanding of what is required of them in a catering workplace and to build their confidence.


9.00am Work from the office to send referral requests to your existing network of support workers, job centres, police officers, probation workers, Care leaver supporter workers and housing officers. You make contact with three new homelessness charities to build links for referrals to the course.

1.00pm Run the MacsMAD course for two trainees focussing on personal and social development skills. Work through exercises that support the trainees to undergo a change of perspective enabling them to make the lifestyle changes necessary to commit to sustained employment. Complete the Food hygiene level 2 qualification course in advance of the exam next week.


10.00am Dispatch this week’s large order of 4000 macaroons with the kitchen team. Call the MacsMAD trainees’ support workers to update on progress and encourage them to give positive feedback on the work skills the trainees have improved on.

1.00pm Mentor one of the MacsMAD graduates who has just moved out of a hostel. You help him to register at the GP, do some interview practice and talk through why he is finding it difficult to contact local hotels to organise work experience. You sit with him for moral support while he calls a hotel and coach him through the experience.

5.00pm Attend a drinks reception for the opening of a new restaurant to build your network in the catering industry. You pitch the MacsMAD course and employment support and book a meeting in next week with a general manager of a branded hotel who has also attended.


9.00am Run work experience support for a MacsMAD graduate. This trainee struggles with maintaining focus so you run a mini macaroon making Olympics with the whole kitchen team. You encourage the trainee to set a new time target and she shaves a whole macaroon per minute of her speed. 

1.00pm Coach the trainee in taking initiative and using positive communication. Look back over the work experience programme so far and see whether she has achieved her targets set to earn an interview for paid work with Miss Macaroon. Work together to agree a plan of action over the next two weeks to achieve her goal of an interview.