Miss Macaroon is a specialist producer of premium gluten-free hand made French Macaroons. However we don’t just produce macaroons, we are a socialenterprise which means that 100% of ourprofits are reinvested into providing training and jobs for long term unemployed young people especially ex offenders, the homeless andCare Leavers in Birmingham.

Having catered for Aston University for the past 3 years we caught up with Business Engagement Director Mark Smith to ask why they chose Miss Macaroon. ‘The lovely thing about having these macaroons for our graduation (other than the fact that they are completely delicious) is the message it sends to people. At Aston we are always trying to support people into University and further education, however for some people this simply isn’t an option and the beauty of procuring products from Miss Macaroon is that we are able to help these people regardless because of the important work that Miss Macaroon does’.

We work with the marketing and events department at Aston University to discover the new theme and colours for their graduation ceremonies. From this we are able to experiment and create completely bespoke, Pantone matched flavours and colours of our macaroons. Our CEO and founder Rosie Ginday says ‘We are able to match our macaroons to your specific theme and colours, what’s more, we can cater to big orders of up to 5000 macaroons of an excellent quality and we always deliver on time.’

Graduation is a time for celebrating your achievements and looking forward to your future, something which not everyone has the opportunity to experience in their life. Allow your university to become a social change maker and help those, for which university is not an option to gain the qualifications and skills they need to enter the workforce without a degree. All by simply ordering our delicious gluten-free hand-made French macaroons https://missmacaroon.co.uk/corporate