The 5 most important things to consider when catering for your event

1. First and foremost, any food or drink served at your event should fit in with the style of your

company or latest campaign. A health food company for 

example shouldn’t serve sugary or

fried food at their event and similarly, a campaign aimed at expecting mothers shouldn’t

serve cocktails and sushi.

2. Choose the right kind of food. This depends on your theme and location. Do you require a sit

down formal meal, or just snacks? Is the venue suitable for a buffet style dinner?

Consider your guest profile when choosing the style of food. What is the age group, where

are they from and what is their general background? Older 

guests may prefer a milder and

more traditional menu, whereas people with a food or fashion background would be

impressed with something cutting edge and innovative.

3. Consider the time of day you are hosting your event,is it a

m or pm? Your menu should fit

accordingly. Similarly, if your event takes place between meal times perhaps something

lighter would be a better option.

4. Your budget is important to consider. This could affect your decision behind choosing a sit

down meal or something more casual. Don’t let your budget 

stop you from choosing

quality over quantity. When it comes to food, quality should always come first. Choosing a

menu that is seasonal and local can cut down prices and also 

show that your company is

concerned with social responsibility and with current trends.

5. Choose a reputable supplier that specialises in the style of food you want to serve. Always go

on word of mouth recommendation, or ask for references from t

heir previous customers.

You want to be sure you can serve the best food and drink possible to your guests, so don’t

take any chances. You should be ableto try a sample of your menu before the event and

discuss any changes or alterations with the chef. Take care with people allergies or

preferences; always offer a selection of food, (2 or 3 choices for each course or a varied

buffet selection).


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