3 Tips to planning the best office party

Are you planning on hosting the best office party ever and need some help planning? Well, we are ready to give you the best tips on how to make your office party one to remember!

1. Cater for all dietary requirements

Make sure that you have gluten free, alcohol free, and dairy free macaroons available. Ask everyone in the office for their dietary requirements before deciding on which treats you’re going to have! You never know, people may have allergies, are religious or are simply watching what they eat.

2. Make it fun

Why not get our “Eat Your Face” macaroons for all the team. You can get each of your colleagues faces printed on our 100% delicious gluten free macaroons! They’re unique part macaroons to have and definitely one to remember, we provide boxes of 4, 6 and 12 starting from just £11.

3. Make your office party memorable

Everyone wants to remember the office party for the right reasons. It is extremely important to get an instagrammable party favour so that your colleagues snap those rather than something they'll regret on Monday morning. Our logo printed macaroons would be perfect for your company, with your brand logo printed on our macaroons.

You can also buy Christmas macaroons to celebrate the festive season, 100% of our profits go towards funding training for young unemployed people and you can help contribute towards this!